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who's here to blow my mind?

Miss Mary Ann
adm, albo, alice cooper, ana, androgeny, argyle, aslan, avocadoes, babies, barcodes, beauty and the beast, belts, big hair, bjork, blankies, blinkies, books, bows, boy george, boys in eyeliner, bubbles, bunnies, cary grant, chandeliers, chapstick, charade, cheekbones, chibi, cirque du soleil, clavicles, collections, combat boots, criminology, cuddling, curling, daniel johns, david bowie, deadsy, disney, drapes, dresses, drupes, earings, earthworm jim, eyebrows, eyelashes, eyeliner, eyes, eyeshadow, fake hair, fingernails, fluffy dresses, freakazoid, fruit, gackt, garbage, glimmer, glitter, gloves, glow-in-the-dark, green, hair clips, hair extensions, hats, hearts, hello kitty, hipbones, history, hugs, ian mckellen, icons, illuminati, illusions, invader zim, jewelry, king tp, kittens, kozi, kraftwerk, lamps, lava lamps, lemons, limes, makeup, malice mizer, mana, men in skirts, motley crue, neon, nothing and nowhere, oe, old skool, paper bag, petticoats, pictionary, pillows, pink, pinstripe, platform shoes, pogo sticks, pretty boys, princesses, prostates, pumice, puppies, purified water, purple, rain, rainbow, rainbows, receipts, records, red bracelets, retro, ribbons, ringtones, robert smith, screensavers, semaphore, silent movies, silver, silverchair, skirts, sleep, slippers, snow, spooning, stained glass, stars, stockings, stripes, tare pandas, tea, the birthday massacre, the vaselines, thunder, tim burton, tinsil, trapezoids, trekkies, tufts, ups, vanilla, vegans, vegetables, ventricles, ville valo, winter, yu-ki, zeus